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Your website is your home sweet home on the web. And just like your home, you want it to be well designed, functional, inviting, and easy to maintain. But you’re running a business. You’re busy and don’t have time to learn another profession. So how do you get that awesome, well designed and super easy to update website without becoming a web designer? How about with a little help. To find out if I can help you, please read Is This You? And, if you’d…

I am privileged to work with some very gifted and talented people. It is their gifts that inspire and fuel the designs we create together. Here are some of my latest projects.

The best way I know to help people is to provide them with information, so they can make quality decisions for themselves. This is why I wrote Web Design One Step at a Time.

I love web design and open source solutions that empower ordinary folks to do extraordinary things, which is why I’ve invested years in learning all about open source solutions like Joomla and WordPress.

Heart Centered Websites

When we find heart connection and wholeness, we also discover our own unique gifts. And when we’ve refined and formed those gifts into a service that others need, it is a source of financial and heart health — both for you and for those you serve.
That’s the essence of Kalanit Design Studio — not just to create a “money making web machine” — but to create and form your authentic heart presence on the web, so you can serve those you are here to serve and be nourished and supported by your work.

What Is Search Engine Optimization And How Does It Really Work?

If you’re wondering “what is search engine optimization?”, here are a few things which might clear it up a bit.

SEO explained

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a complex of techniques meant to improve the ranking of websites in the search engines results page. When you search on Google or another search engine, you will have a results page displayed. You probably click on just the first few, or maybe you move on to page 2, but that’s it. You somehow know that the first websites can be trusted, and that they are relevant to your search. What is search engine optimization? It is about finding ways to get a certain webpage higher in these results pages, preferably on the first position.

How do search engines work?

The internet, or World Wide Web, is like a huge spider web, with numerous connections and intersections between millions upon millions of websites. Without a search engine, no one could ever find a specific web page, and people would just surf aimlessly, trying to find what they need. Search engines send specialized software called web spiders or crawlers to find new webpages and to “index” them. What these spiders do is find a website, and index a few important keywords which are then added to the search engine’s huge database. No matter how large these databases are, they can’t store integral information from all sites, which is why these spiders take just the most relevant information, and that’s the keywords.

Keywords and content

Keywords are either words or phrases which describe the content of a page best. If a page is about selling sports goods such as shoes, some keywords might be “tennis shoes” or “running shoes”. These keywords aren’t important just for the spiders, but for internet users as well. When you want to find specific information like “where do I find some good running shoes for jogging”, you won’t actually type in the whole phrase, but just some keywords such as “buy running shoes”. The search engine will then search through its database and return the results that it thinks are most relevant. That’s why business owners are urged to use the proper keyword for their target market. But keywords are not everything, as everyone would just make hundreds of pages with keywords. Content is also very important, and it must be interesting and provide help to the person reading it.

So what is what is search engine optimization all about?

SEO is a collection of strategies which make your site easier to be indexed by spiders, also making it more visible in the search engine results page. Common techniques include creating original content, inserting proper keywords, adding proper tags, creating links, etc. A website that has been optimized for search engines will be in a better spot and thus receive more visitors, which then translates into money. There are companies that provide these sorts of services, so next time, don’t ask “what is search engine optimization?”, but “can you do some SEO for me?” or if you are in Adelaide you could potentially search for “Adelaide SEO” and this would locate the best SEO’s in your local area.