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Your website is your home sweet home on the web. And just like your home, you want it to be well designed, functional, inviting, and easy to maintain. But you’re running a business. You’re busy and don’t have time to learn another profession. So how do you get that awesome, well designed and super easy to update website without becoming a web designer? How about with a little help. To find out if I can help you, please read Is This You? And, if you’d…

I am privileged to work with some very gifted and talented people. It is their gifts that inspire and fuel the designs we create together. Here are some of my latest projects.

The best way I know to help people is to provide them with information, so they can make quality decisions for themselves. This is why I wrote Web Design One Step at a Time.

I love web design and open source solutions that empower ordinary folks to do extraordinary things, which is why I’ve invested years in learning all about open source solutions like Joomla and WordPress.

Heart Centered Websites

When we find heart connection and wholeness, we also discover our own unique gifts. And when we’ve refined and formed those gifts into a service that others need, it is a source of financial and heart health — both for you and for those you serve.
That’s the essence of Kalanit Design Studio — not just to create a “money making web machine” — but to create and form your authentic heart presence on the web, so you can serve those you are here to serve and be nourished and supported by your work.